LIL Stars Program

Focus. Fun. Believe.

Does your child have too much ENERGY?

Do you want your child to be SAFE in the neighbourhood?Or do you just want your child to be ACTIVE?

Karate One has specifically designed the Lil Stars program to create a FOCUSED, FUN and ENGAGING atmosphere that will keep your child loving karate. With the help of our qualified instructors we will have your child BELIEVING they can achieve anything.

Lil Stars program
3-7yrs old
2 Locations – Illawong and Bexley

Understanding how to wait their turn, not throwing objects in frustration, learning how to follow directions, being excited to exercise and learn new things, and having the confidence to tackle new challenges are all lessons that a child must learn. There are many factors that will affect a child’s development and behaviours, but there a few places to turn to that can do so in a fun, positive and enthusiastically educational way.

Karate One is proud to introduce you to this the Lil Stars program, this program will tackle the concerns about these little bundles of joy that will leave you asking how. We are confident this program will establish a solid foundation for there martial arts training.

In this program we will develop the fundamental skills necessary to efficiently and effectively participate in martial arts. Children under the age of 8 are not ready for intense martial arts training as early exposer could lead to limiting a child’s ability and slow there development.

The lil stars program runs at 3:45pm – 4:15pm Monday and Wednesday.

The shorter class times for this age bracket has proven beneficial in there learning and development, especially dealing with there attention span.