Our Lil Stars preschool program (3-5yrs old) is designed to get your child ready for martial arts by introducing martial arts fundamentals and basics to help them effectively and efficiently join our Rising stars class when they turn 6. Our classes are high energy, memorable and of course fun… we all know we learn a lot more when we have fun at the same time.

Not only do we teach your child how to punch and kick we also teach them life skills including patience, respect, sharing and listening just to name a few. We understand that sometimes it hard to wait your turn, hard to follow directions or even just trying something new, we are here to help grow their confidence and create little champions in life.

Our Lil Stars learn about stranger danger and bully defence techniques, yes our 3-5yr olds know when to scream, kick, punch or run with each different situation.

The Lil Stars program is only a 30min long class, this have been proven to be beneficial to their learning and development, especially when their attention span comes into play.

Give your preschooler a great head start in life by joining our Lil Stars preschool classes.



Our primary school martial arts program (6-9yrs old) is the start of our dedicated martial arts programs. Not only will your child get an awesome workout week to week they will also learn valuable life skills that will stay with them forever.

Our classes are designed to grow and nurture their leadership, goal setting, self confidence and also give them valuable self defence techniques to diffuse the most uncomfortable situations.

Our comprehensive bully defence program will not only help against bullies but it also creates Anti-bully advocates that will stand up when someone else is in need, now thats really powerful!

Not only do our students gain physical attributes we also notice significant behavioural and psychological advancements. Respect for themself and others is a high priority at Karate One.   



Our high school martial arts program (10-14yrs) will set your child up for the best start to their high school and adult life. Our goal is to make each and every student a positive contributor to our community.

We teach more than just a simple punch and kick, we also teach each student to use their our mental capacity to diffuse uncomfortable situations without unnecessary physical conflict.

Our Super Stars classes are highly active and exciting, keeping each student on their toes. Gain physical fitness as well as limiting the time your child spends in front of some sort of screen, the benefits just keep adding up. Let’s get these kids “unplugged”.

Bully defence is a high priority in our Super Stars classes as high school can be a scary place for a lot of people. Our students learn when to say “NO” with confidence and we also teach our students how not to be scared of physical contact. We use our safe and controlled classes to create practical environments that each student has to diffuse in the best and safest way possible.



Our adult martial arts program (15yrs and up). Get a great martial art workout and at the same time learn how to defend yourself and gain self confidence, sounds like a great idea.

Our traditional martial arts classes are a mix between Shotokan and Goju Ryu karate, whilst implementing practical self defence and body conditioning to get you ready for every situation.

If you want to feel more confident or just need to hit something really hard, you can do it in a safe, friendly and professional environment.

You are never to young or old to start your martial arts journey so why not take control of your life now, learn self confidence, self respect and self defence. If you have never tried martial arts before or did it when you were a child you are always welcome. No prior experience is necessary.




Our Karate Girls course is the perfect way to get fit, confident and have fun. With our 8 week sprints running through out the year its a great way to get involved with martial arts without needed to commit to any long term goals. You’ll learn how to defend yourself with simple, practical self defence techniques and increase your fitness level with our high energy, fun classes.

You don’t need any prior experience to be apart of the Karate Girls, the sprints are designed so you can go as hard as you want to really burn those calories or slow down to meet your current fitness level.

What you will get out of our 8 week sprints

Learn how to punch and kick efficiently and effectively
Learn how to fall properly to give yourself the best chance of defence
Get out of that comfort zone and challenge yourself mentally and physically.
Learn how to kick butt!

Maybe you want to release some stress by hitting something hard? We can help with that and the best thing is the pads don’t hit back.

Our classes are 45mins long for ages 12 yrs and up.


K1FC is the most high intensity class we have at Karate One and is available to anyone that wants a new challenge in life, This class is all about learning how to become a great fighter on the mats and a champion at life.

Our goal for this class is to make you untouchable, invincible and a warrior at heart.

This class is also great for anyone that has been bullied at school or the workplace and help to gain the necessary skills to help prevent further incidents.

You’ll learn:

How to be a smarter fighter.
Increase fitness and cardio levels.
Develop new skills and techniques to evade and capitalise.
Become a bully defence advocate.

The class is taught by ISKA World and Australian Point Fighting champion Alex Kirkwood.

Classes are for 7yrs and up.


Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you. Not because they are nice, but because you are.

Please take a moment to review our studio rules. We are a family studio – this means that we treat each other with humility, kindness and respect.

The following studio rules help to ensure that everyone has a pleasurable and productive time at Karate One:

– Quietly prepare for class – especially if another class is in progress

– Before entering or leaving the matted area, face into the floor of the studio at the edge of the mat and bow.

– Always answer your instructor with “yes sir”

– Never argue wIth any other members. A loss in temper will not be tolerated; treat everyone with respect

– Learn how to tie your belt. If you don’t know how an instructor will happily show you. Your belt is a sign of progress and should be treated with respect. Belts do not belong on the floor.

– Once class has started don’t leave the floor without permission from an instructor.

– Keep your uniform and sparring gear clean.

– Practice good hygiene.

– Keep your fingernails and toenails short. If you have long hair please tie it back.

– If you are sick, please do not train. Stay at home, hydrate and recover.

– Please remove all jewelry before training.

– Children must be supervised when not doing class.

– No gum, food or drink allowed on the mats.

– No smoking allowed inside the studio or when in uniform at any time.

– Do not turn up to training under the influence of alcohol.

– No swearing is to be used at any time.

– Do not fight with aggression.

– Only use martial arts when your life is being threatened, there is no tolerance for using martial arts for the wrong reasons.


Karate One is committed to provide a safe and healthy sports environment.

We recognise that alcohol or drug misuse will impair an individual’s ability to perform in a safe manner.

It is the policy of Karate One to protect its members, assets, the community and the environment in which it operates from hazards arising from alcohol or drug misuse.

Consequently, we require the performance of anyone within the Karate One organisation whether a member, competitor, family, friend etc. and others to be unimpaired by drug or alcohol misuse whilst associated with any type of activities to do with Karate One. The legal or unauthorized possession, consumption, sale or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs during any type of activity for Karate One is prohibited.

We view drug or alcohol dependency as a medical condition and encourage any member, non-member or anyone associated with Karate One with a problem to seek confidential support and treatment.

Any person/s associated with Karate One found to be in breach of this policy shall be subject to removal from any events associated with Karate One.

The above policy is subject to anyone wishing to be in any part of business associated with Karate One.

Karate One abides to the MAIA Anti doping policy.

Karate One Reserves the right to review their policy and change in accordance to meet with Government Regulation.

Date of issue: 01-06-2015

  1. This policy recognizes that the health and safety of all Karate One members or employees is the responsibility of all in maintaining a Health and safety environment within the organisation.
  2. Karate One acknowledges its legal, moral and social responsibility to provide a healthy and safe workplace/ training, and to secure the health and safety of its employees, members and visitors.
  3. All members involved with Karate One must provide and maintain a safe training and equipment within the organisation.
  4. It is the responsibility of all within Karate One to recognise the hazards occurring within the organisation, Karate One will take every practical step to provide and maintain a safe and health environment for its members.
  5. Health and safety policy must observe, implement and fulfil its responsibilities under the acts and regulations that apply to Karate One.
  6. Students within the Karate One organisation have a duty to take the care of which they are capable for their own health and safety and others affected by their actions at training. Shall comply with the safety procedures and directions agreed within the Studio rules. Must not interfere with or misuse items or facilities provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare for all within the organisation.
  7. Karate One reserves the right to carry its own Risk Assessment with its members to achieve a health and safe environment within the organisation.
  8. Karate One abides by the MAIA/Work cover Risk Management Policies.

Karate One reserves the right to review their policy and change in accordance to meet Government Regulation.

Date of issue: 01-06-2015


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