Here we will explain the benefits of preschool kids karate classes and why karate is the perfect sport to try.

Why preschool karate classes? Why not a NORMAL sport like mini soccer, Acrogym, dance or even little athletics. Because karate gives you all same the advantages of these sports and much, much more. Let’s breakdown 10 benefits of preschool karate and why karate should be on the top of your list for new sports to try.

1. Fitness.

This one is pretty obvious but we had to put it in. Karate is one of the sports that give you a full-body workout. Whether it be crawling along the floor, punch through paper or even kicking above your head, karate uses every part of the body equally to make sure the little ones have a good night sleep after training. Our classes involve movements practiced in the air, on squeaky pads and also sometimes on the instructors… But only on special occasions.

2. Character Development.

It’s super easy to teach most kids how to punch and kick properly, what’s hard is teaching them when and how to use it. We use character development to support martial arts, teaching them fairness, patience, charisma, trust and more. We know that not every child is the same and we use character development to help each student to shine.

3. Setting Goals… And Achieving Them.

Setting goals is super easy, achieving them isn’t. Our preschool kids karate classes use a lot of little goals all adding up to one big goal – your next belt. Little goals are punching through paper, big goals are breaking their first board. We use little steps to make sure each student isn’t scared to try new things and achieve their goals in the end. It’s easy to tell someone they can do “anything” but it’s way more powerful if they BELIEVE they can do it.

4. Stranger Danger.

Stranger danger is a big part of many martial arts programs, being able to get away from strangers is a major priority. We teach simple yet effective stranger danger techniques to keep all our students safe. Most of all we teach them how important is it to stay with their parents or guardians. We would all agree the best way to defend yourself is to not be in a compromising situation in the first place.

5. Hidden Repetition.

Repetition is the key to learning anything effectively but its also super boring to do the same thing for 30mins… We disguise repetition by changing targets, line drills, team drills, individual training and by having fun. When each student is loving what they’re doing they will keep doing without any hesitation.

More benefits of preschool kids karate.

6. Making New Friends.

Find it hard to make new friends? Karate is the perfect playground to do just that. Learn to work as a team, individual or even a partner, all these examples create different opportunities to interact with fellow students. Some times you work with your new friends and other times your in direct competition with each other. This creates a positive friendship that can stand the test of time. How often can you throw your friend to the ground and they get up with a smile?

7. Increase Fine and Gross Motor Skills.

All martial art techniques involve a lot of complex and simple movements, sometimes it’s just catching something thrown at you to test your reflexes and other times you have to manipulate your partner’s arm to get them to the ground. These skills take time to perfect and the growth will surely surprise you.

8. We Get Them To Stand Still.

Yes, you read that currently, sometimes we might even make them stand up straight for over 1 minute. OK so this one is a little fun but it’s still something that we take for granted. Being able to stand still and not fidget isn’t actually that easy and will have awesome benefits in the long term.

9. Structure.

We all love a little bit of structure in our lives and our preschool kids karate classes are no different, every class is structured the same way. We warm-up, stretch, sit down for a mat chat, practice our karate techniques and at the end, if we were super good we play a karate game. This is the same for 95% of our classes. We know kids need structure and we see them thrive when they have an idea of what’s coming next. The only surprise it what new technique they get to learn that day.

10. We have FUN!

We thrive of all our students enjoying karate, studies have shown that you retain a lot more information when you have fun. Our kid’s karate classes are exciting, engaging and new. This makes our students want to come back to class and want to learn. We believe that everyone should know how to defend themselves so why not make it available to them while having fun at the same time.

The benefits of preschool kids karate are awesome and we know you will love the results our classes produce.

So what are you waiting for? Try a sport that can greatly benefit your child in the long term, not just the short term. Our classes enrol all year round. Mention this blog and get 2 free trial lessons on us. To book in your free trial click the link below!

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